Top Students Recognized

During the August 31st Graduation we honored the top students from the Paramedic, Intermediate, EMT, Firefighter, and Monroe Technology Center EMT and Firefighter programs. These students stood out as leaders among their classmates because of their academic performance and leadership. These students went above and beyond the expectations set by their instructors, by demonstrating the willingness to learn, lead, and become an example to other students.

EMT: David Delmonte, Purcellville Fire

Intermediate: David Arrington, Round Hill  Fire-Rescue

Paramedic: Susan Truba, Ashburn Fire-Rescue

Firefighter: Benjamin Fielden, Sterling Fire

Monroe Technology EMT: Jessica Harris, Loudoun Rescue

Monroe Technology Firefighter: Oliver Kline


Front Row: Ben Fielden, Susan Truba, David Arrington, Jessica Harris, Deputy Chief Shank

Back Row: Assistant Chief Johnson, Assistant Chief Tobia, Oliver Kline, Chief Brower, David Delmonte2016.8.31 LCFR Graduation-1

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