Recruitment and Retention Workshop

On Saturday March 25th Volunteer Programs along with The Recruitment and Retention Committee hosted a day of R&R (Recruitment and Retention). The morning session was led by national speakers David Tesh, Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Officer for Chesterfield Fire and EMS, and Chief Bianco of the City of Virginia Beach Department of EMS presented Keeping the Best: How to use EMS Retention Principles. This is an engaging training that is focused on way to improve retention efforts for fire and rescue departments. Ways to create an enthusiastic work environment, boost member’s self-esteem, and provide meaningful activates, and personal development were all discussed. Four key principles were presented: The Life-Cycle Principle, The Belonging Principle, The Success Principle, and The Friends and Family Principle. Attendees were encouraged to share struggles they were currently facing in their departments and as a group issues were addressed, suggestions made, and plans of action were created. Updates on recruitment and retention, and resources available were provided by IAFC, VSFA, OEMS. The afternoon session started with a discussion panel of Bobby Hill, Recruitment Coordinator for the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation, Tom LaBell, Division Chief, Albemarle Count Fire and Rescue, Ricardo Tappan, Recruitment and Retention Officer, Montgomery County MD Volunteer Fire and Rescue. A question and answer session lead to a lively discussion on recruitment and retention, problems and successes departments were having.  We hosted over 50 people from 3 states for a successful day of Recruitment and Retention training, and networking.

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