Types of Volunteer Memberships


Operational Members are those that provide emergency services to the public. They are required to become certified EMTs, Firefighters, or Emergency Vehicle Operators, attend required training classes to maintain their certifications, and be present at their assigned duty times.


Firefighters in Loudoun County are trained to perform many duties besides putting out fires. Training will prepare you to be able to respond to a variety of unique fire suppression and rescue situations. Firefighters respond to a wide range of calls from minor car accidents to emergencies on the river and in the mountains. Once you complete basic firefighting training you will have the opportunity to specialize in water rescue, confined space, technical rescue, high angle, and others.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Technicians in Loudoun County are trained to provide high level emergency medical care. Initial training certifies you at the basic life support level. Loudoun County offers training up to the Paramedic level. In addition to responding to medical emergencies EMTs are trained to assist on fire and rescue scenes, and public education.


Every volunteer fire and rescue department needs more than just firefighters and EMTs to respond to calls. Each department relies on their administrative members to keep the department running smoothly from day to day. Areas in which administrative members serve include: fundraising, public service events, marketing, public education events, legal, event planning, logistics, website development, facilities, social networking, procurement, fleet management, food preparation, database management, technology development, chaplain services and accounting. Everyone has a talent and we encourage you to use it to help your local fire-rescue department.

Some stations have an Auxiliary component that can provide food and drinks to firefighters and EMTs on a long duration emergency scene. In these instances, admin/auxiliary members respond to the scene in special vehicles containing food and drinks.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer stations can use any help you can provide either as an operational or administrative member. Many members contribute in both operational and administrative capacities.

General applications procedures involve application forms, a basic fingerprint-based background check, a driving record check, and a physical which is provided by Loudoun County.

Volunteer Benefits

As a volunteer there are benefits you may take advantage of including:

  • Vehicle tax break (annual requirements must be met)
  • Vehicle License Fee Waiver (annual requirements must be met)
  • Scholarships/Tuition reimbursement
  • County retirement program (annual requirements must be met)
  • Discounts at participating businesses
  • Many More!